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GAGA is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body. GAGA provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body and adding flexibility, stamina, and agility while lightening the senses and imagination. GAGA raises awareness of physical weaknesses, awakens numb areas, exposes physical fixations, and offers ways for their elimination. The work improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movement, and it allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure in a simple way, in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each person with himself and others.



“We become more aware of our form. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. We explore multi-dimensional movement; we enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles, we are ready to snap, we are aware of our explosive power and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our familiar limits. We can be calm and alert at once.” – Ohad Naharin




For men only in Jerusalem

Day: Tuesday

Time: 09:00

Location: Studio Kol Atzmotai Tomarna, Ephron Dance Center, Yehoshua Yavin 19

Price: 240 NIS per month

Telephone: Eyal Ogen – 052-6071051

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