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“Between Heaven and Earth” festival

Jewish Contemporary Dance Festival


After thousands of years of exile of the body from the spirit, the world of

Dance-Theater meets the Jewish world.



Premieres, workshops, and a discussion panel of Jewish spiritual leaders and leading choreographers. The world of Dance-Theater meets the Jewish world its characters, images, and themes.



The festival is part of the "Kol Atzmotai" Project which began ten years ago, under the guidance of the choreographer Ronen Itzhaki, in an attempt to explore the meeting point between body and spirit, according to both the world of Jewish spirituality and the contemporary medias of theater and dance.


"Jews dancing, speaking a different language. Finally out of exile, feeling at home in the land of Israel. Removing the barriers and connecting body and spirit, the holy and the mundane. The works performed at the festival are drawn from the world of the individual struggling with questions about belonging, solititude, seclusion, faith, concealment, prayer, war, Israeli and Jewish identity, ceremony, and ritual.


"Between Heaven and Earth" is the first attempt of its kind to connect between the two worlds and to create original dance."


Ronen Itzhaki, Artistic Director.


"To verbalize the movement, to move the word, to be true to the information that the body expresses, to understand what it aspires to say, what it wants, what it demands. To remove the excess, to arrive at the simple and true essence. To digest, to choose, to be brave. To stand in front of an audience and to be exposed. To desire to leave one's mark."




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